Don't let RUST be the END for your vehicle, let RustReaperLtd  be the END to RUST! Always Affordable, Always Quality Service!

RustReaper Ltd. {Services}

  • Rust prevention, Rust removal, Rust damage repair, mechanical repair/maintenance services, tire mounting/balancing, small part sandblasting, welding capabilities.

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  1. How does RustReaperLtd  go about rust prevention? RustReaperLtd uses top quality wet automotive undercoating. Our basic service is a heavy coat applied to the underside of the vehicle ,hitting all the nooks n crannies . For a few bucks more the rocker panels, doors, and tailgate/trunk lid  are drilled, sprayed, and plugged with a rubber plug. A step up from there includes a manual removal of rust and sprayed with a rust converter. Lastly for a thorough complete job to last years to come is the top tier package. It includes metal etching and top quality rust preventative primer / paint is applied.
  2. Does RustReaperLtd sell tires? No, RustReaperLtd does not directly sell tires , but does have an affiliate partner that will ship direct to RustReaperLtd  with great pricing and no hassle of ever need to handle the product! It works out great for customers that plan a bit in advance!
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