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Don't let RUST be the END for your vehicle, let RustReaperLtd  be the END to RUST! Always Affordable, Always Quality Service!

RustReaper Ltd. { Mobile Services}

  • Rust prevention, Rust removal, Rust damage repair, Paintless Dent repair , exhaust repair, on internal mechanical repair/maintenance services, welding capabilities.                 

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  • 3 Packages to choose from!   


  Basic- loose rust removal and undercoating with Blaster 128ss Surface Shield drilled and plugged .

  Basic Plus- adds desalting bath (for salts impregnated into steel) and rust converter sprayed to stop rust already there.


  Super basic plus- all processes in lower packages with high quality primer and  black rustproof paint  added  

All  services charged at flat rate minus parts

Fixed income ?  Stop in, let's discuss your options!

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  1. How does RustReaperLtd  go about rust prevention? RustReaperLtd uses top quality wet automotive undercoating. Our basic service is a manual removal of loose rust and a heavy coat applied to the underside of the vehicle ,hitting all the nooks n crannies . For a few bucks more the rocker panels, doors, and tailgate/trunk lid  are drilled, sprayed, and plugged with a rubber plug. A step up from there includes a desalting bath, and sprayed with a rust converter. Lastly for a thorough complete job to last years to come is the top tier package. It includes top quality rust preventative primer and paint applied.
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